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Why Trying Tasty Persian Food Is Worth Your Time

Some people have been fortunate to try Persian food, but their knowledge of it might be limited. Anyone who has not had the chance to try it is clearly missing out on the chance to enjoy unique flavors and cuisine.

This type of food is not quick and easy like fast food. However, waiting at the table for your meal to come is worth it for delicious food with fresh ingredients. These days, you do not have to search online for recipes or take classes on Persian cooking to enjoy Persian dishes. It is only just a matter of going to a popular Persian restaurant.

Why Trying Tasty Persian Food Is Worth Your Time

Eggplant Dishes

The food is made with spices and herbs. Even though spices are present, it does not mean that the food is spicy or hot, and a restaurant can cook to your liking. Persian cooking will have lots of vegetables and even fruit. It is normal to find figs or dates as part of the ingredients.

The usual Persian dish involves rice as the main side dish, but can also have potatoes. This will be accompanied by fish or meat. There will be vegetables. It is possible to order either or both of these types of dishes in a Persian restaurant. The meal will have a type of flatbread known as naan bread. Other types of Persian dishes will have yogurt, chickpeas, eggplant, and saffron.

What To Try

The restaurant you go to will usually have a popular dish that is made mainly with yogurt and cucumber. It is a tasty and refreshing dip to accompany the meal and even can be eaten on top of bread.

Another popular Persian appetizer is fresh hummus. Not everyone may be aware this a type of Persian dish. It is created by ground chickpeas with garlic, olive oil, lemon, and tahini paste.

Unique Foods

A unique Persian meal is Dolmeh, which is made with grape leaves that will be stuffed with rice, rice and vegetables or rice and meat. In some variations, the stuffing can contain raisins. This is an authentic and traditional dish to try.

Other popular dishes to try is the Kebab or Kebob with meat such as chicken or beef that has been cooked over open flame. There is nothing else like it. Customers in a Persian restaurant may also order lamb shank or falafel with tasty grilled vegetables. There is also special accompaniments to the meals such as Persian tea and Baklava for dessert. There are so many foods to try!

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