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Top Reasons to Visit Your Local Persian Restaurant

If you have never visited a Persian restaurant, it is time to do so. People often get stuck in a rut where food is concerned. From time to time, it is always nice to shake things up and try something new. Persian food will expose you to new and unique flavor profiles that you may not have the chance to get at other restaurants.

Unique Flavors of Persian Food

Two things that you can count on with food from this culture is that it is tart, and loaded with herbs. Lamb is frequent in many dishes. While you may not enjoy tart food, it works with the recipes from this culture. The flavors are bright, flavorful, and the taste tantalizes the taste buds. Yogurt is also popular in this type of food. Don't be surprised to find yogurt mixed into dishes you would never expect. If you are avoiding dairy, it is a good idea to check before you order to see if yogurt is in a meal before ordering Persian food.

Must-Try Dishes You Won't Want to Miss

  • Fesenjan is a stew. It is iconic to the region and comes from pomegranate and walnuts. The stew is delicious and something that you should try. It is commonly served in restaurants and at weddings.

  • Kebobs are tasty and varied. They can comprise of chicken, beef, seafood, lamb, and even duck.

  • Sabzi Khordan is a herb and cheese tray. Other garnishes are also added, according to the person preparing it. Small pieces of flatbread get torn off, and the cheese, herbs, and garnishes are scooped up and eaten with the bread. The flavors are amazing.

Tea is the Drink of Choice

Tea is the drink of choice throughout the day in this culture. Enjoy tea after dinner. It usually comes with nuts and bread on the side. Sometimes cardamom or rose water is added to the tea to enhance its aroma. Savor tea time as you unwind after dinner. Chat with your dinner companions and relax.

Expand your horizons and try different restaurants. You'll learn more about the flavors of different regions and a bit about different cultures. It is fun to try new foods. Don't let yourself get stuck in a food rut. You might not be able to visit the country that showcases Persian flavors, but the right restaurant will make you feel like you have.

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