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How to Enjoy a Night Out Without Fear of a Hangover

Before searching for 'bar and lounge near me', learn how you can go out to have a good time without worrying about a hangover. You never have to avoid a night out with family, friends or coworkers just because you don't want to have the dreaded headache and blah feeling that comes after a night of drinking. You just have to know how to drink responsibly.


Dehydration is what makes you feel so bad after you drink alcohol.

  • Drink some water before you go out.

  • Drink water while you're out.

  • Have an alcoholic beverage, and then ask for a glass of water.

  • Limit yourself to one alcoholic beverage per hour, with a glass of water in between. You'll feel much better when you stay hydrated.


Don't drink on an empty stomach. Many restaurants in New York also serve alcoholic beverages. Choose one and make sure that you eat, along with your drinks. Drinking on an empty stomach is never a good idea.

Focus on the environment and people around

Drinking doesn't have to be the sole or even main focus of a night out. Instead chat with others at the table. Get up and dance. Look around to take in all of the action around you.

Slow down

Sip your drinks. Don't just guzzle them down quickly and order another. Take your time, savor the taste. Remember that it's not a race. You are out for an evening of fun. Make it last.

Set your limit

Before you leave your home, set a limit for how many drinks you can have. Make it a reasonable number; two or three, depending on what drink it is, are enough for most people. Once you've finished, switch to soft drinks. Don't allow yourself to order or consume any more alcoholic beverages once you have reached the limit.

You can have a great time without becoming drunk and hangover. Just follow the few simple tips above. Set your limit early, drink water before you leave, and drink water while you're out. Be sure to eat something so that you're not drinking on an empty stomach. Slow down and enjoy the drinks, rather than drinking them down fast. All of this will help you have a great time, and you will wake up feeling wonderful the next day. Don't avoid going out with friends. Just be responsible and sensible when you do go out.

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