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Dining on the Mediterranean

Some of the healthiest and most delicious food available originates from the Mediterranean area. The area has a hodgepodge of different cultures including Provencal, Greek, Italian, and Levantine among others. As a delicious food region that’s known for its great, health-conscious food, when people go out to find a unique ‘restaurant near me’, they often end up looking for one that serves traditional Mediterranean dishes.

One of the reasons why traditional Mediterranean foods are so delicious is its freshness. Fresh fruits, vegetables, white meats, and fish are characteristic ingredients. A Mediterranean diet features great health benefits like lowered cholesterol and a reduced risk of diabetes and high blood pressure.

Regional food

Mediterranean foods encompass cuisine from several countries in the Mediterranean region. You’ll find foods from Greece, Israel, Egypt, Spain, France, and other countries in the area. Greek dishes like spanakopita, Levantine fare like hummus, and Spanish dishes like paella all fall under the Mediterranean cuisine umbrella.

Meats and seafood are fresh, grains served are unprocessed, and the oil used in food preparation is often extra virgin olive oil. Other delightful but healthy ingredients included in these dishes are eggplant, couscous, peppers, and hazelnuts. The general rule of thumb is if it isn’t fresh or wholesome, it isn’t the Mediterranean.

Mediterranean food wasn’t considered a collective until the early 1950s when a famous cookbook, A Book of Mediterranean food, was published. Recipes included Provencal French as opposed to Metropolitan, Maghreb, and Turkish cuisines among others. The book’s recipes included all countries that produced olive trees and incorporated olive oil in their dishes.

Although all Mediterranean food isn’t considered healthy, common ingredients of fresh, wholesome, and aromatic spices are features which connect them. Popular casual dishes from the area include falafel, pizza, and kebabs. This food is often considered street food. Dishes are accompanied by wine and olive oil is the principle substitution for butter.

The Mediterranean diet plan

There is a specific diet plan called the Mediterranean diet, which includes specific foods from the region. The diet features healthy varieties of fresh produce, lean white meats and fish, nuts, seeds, and olive oil. Although lean white meat and fish are included, it is mainly based on plant foods.

Any way you serve it, this is delicious cuisine. So, if you are looking for a restaurant near me, you’ll have a treat if you find one serving traditional Mediterranean dishes. You’ll have a flavorful meal that revolves around freshness and flavor.

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