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Become a Regular at Your Local Bar with These Tips

Are you looking for a great bar to become your next hangout joint? Did you look for ‘lounges near me’ hoping to find the perfect place? You may be searching for ‘drinks near me’ to find a new bar, but do you know what it takes to become known as a regular? Check out these tips that you can try the next time you head out for a drink.

  • Find the bar that is just right

When looking for a bar to become a regular at, you want to find one that is close by and easy to get to. It should be perfect for both after-work drinks and for times when you want to go out late at night. That way, you can easily stop by on your way home from work, and you don’t have to go far if you want to have some late-night fun.

You also want a lounge that has a good selection of drinks in a range of prices. This will keep you from becoming bored of the same drink and it will prevent you from going broke by spending too much money on drinks. You also want a place that is clean, comfortable, and has a laid-back atmosphere so you can make friends.

  • Establish a routine

Bars can be busy, so you want to establish a routine so staff and other patrons can get to know you. This could mean coming in every Tuesday after work to watch the game or stopping by on a Sunday afternoon with a book. If you make it a habit, before long the other regulars will notice you.

One of the most important aspects of establishing a routine is to sit at the bar rather than a table. It is ok if you do not want to talk sometimes or are too shy at first. If you sit at the bar each time, the bartenders and other staff members will begin to recognize you, and that is what is important.

  • Tip well

This should be obvious, but many regulars do not tip, or tip too little. If you love the bar you have found and want to come back, be sure to tip your bartenders and servers well. This will help ensure that you receive excellent service each time.

Ready to find your next favorite bar? Search for drinks near me or lounges near me and you are sure to find a great place. Stop by today and ask the bartender for drink recommendations.

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