Bar And Lounge Near Me & Restaurants in New York

There are so many great restaurants in New York, it can be hard to select just the right one. But, if you’re in Brooklyn, NY and you are looking for an excellent local ‘bar and lounge near me’, you won’t find a better one to try, than Persian Cuisine Taperia. Here is a great place to find the freshest foods and finest wines are served with sunny Mediterranean flavor and warm hospitality. We’re full-service and here to greet you for either lunch or dinner in our restaurant. We also have a marvelous bar and lounge, serving your favorite drinks and some house specials, too. If you’re a fan of Persian food or Mediterranean food, you are going to love our restaurant. Our restaurant serves Persian tea and offers Hookah. Visiting us is more than just going out to eat, it's enjoying a wonderful experience that you’ll want to experience again and again. In the Brooklyn, NY area, if you want a great time with great food and great spirits, make sure you visit us soon!

We’re sure no one needs to tell you that there are a lot of fabulous restaurants in New York.  However, how many of those outstanding eateries are nearby? In our area, the one that stands out and rises high above the other establishments nearby is Persian Cuisine Taperia. We offer exciting Persian cuisine and an amazing bar and lounge. So, next time you are looking for a ‘bar and lounge near me’, pay us a visit!

There are a lot of great bars and eateries here in the NYC area, and ours is one of the best! Visit us every day between the hours of 11:00 am and 11:00 pm. Would you like to check out our full menu? It’s on our website at